Are you currently looking for new ways to remodel your house? If you have been living in your home for more than a decade it is a likely time to remodel parts of the house: specifically the kitchen and bathrooms.

kitchen design

When is it time to remodel the kitchen?

Besides the fact that you are tired of seeing the same color scheme, there are several ways to tell when it is time to rework that kitchen area. Check them out below:

1) There is not enough space to maneuver or organize appliances

If you are constantly bumping into other members of the house when walking through the kitchen or knocking over glasses when you walk by them, it is a likely time to remodel the area. There are a variety of different shelving options available for each homeowner. “Floating” shelves have become increasingly popular over the years. There are lightweight shelves that are built into a wall or other strong structure. They hold up items and do not take up a lot of space.

2) Bad or nonexistent lighting

Cooking or cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms can prove to be a very challenging task without the proper lighting setup. If there are no lights currently present in the rooms that will need to be fixed immediately. If you notice that it becomes harder to see at night or when there is little sunlight, then additional lighting or stronger light bulbs should be considered. It can be very dangerous to work in low-light settings with sharp tools in the kitchen.

kitchen design3) Excessive wear and tear on walls and appliances

Throughout the many years of owning a home, it becomes easier to spot wear and tear on cabinets, walls, and appliances. It is no mystery that kitchen and bathrooms will show signs of wearing down or tearing after several years. Be on the lookout for doors that will not shut all the way, cabinets that are loose, or cracks in the walls. Sometimes it can be as small of a fix as buying new hinges or painting parts of a wall. It is a good idea to get a professionals opinion when planning to redo a kitchen or bathroom. People that do remodeling for a living will have a better sense of when parts of a home can be repaired and when they need to be replaced.

4) Bad leakage around the house

Whenever there is a leak around the house, regardless of its size, it should be handled with extreme care. A kitchen faucet leaking or excessive sitting water on the countertops can be damage surrounding wood and appliances. If any appliances in the kitchen or bathroom are loose or uneven it may be time to remodel. Have you ever looked at the pipes under the sink? Did you even know they were there? If you answered no to either of those questions you might want to go take a look.